The influence of the tourism on the education

  • Nastute Pavlova Universidad de Almería
  • Isabel Ana Eguizábal-Román Universidad de Almería
  • Ina Pavlova Universidad de Almería
Keywords: Tourism, Education, Culture


Tourism influences in the culture, education and health of the people. The activity of tourism and its benefits are studied from several disciplines. The relation between tourism and education is studied and analyzed by researchers from different knowledge areas. It became more usual from the middle of 20th century onwards. Specifically, the number of documents on the importance of tourism in the education, has been growing in the last years, mainly since 2005 until our days. The country which research mostly about this topic is United States, followed by Austria and in the third place United Kingdom. Spain ranks sixth in the study of these variables. The knowledge areas that have been realized more publications are Social Sciences with 50,56 %, Business and Enterprise with 39,84 % of whole production, respectively. This research analyzes the positive relation that exists between tourism and education, and for that we present bibliometric analysis of scientific literature about tourism and education since 1966 until the present (more than 50 years). This study allows to analyze the evolution of last performed investigations about tourism and education, as well as, the main institutions, countries and authors of scientific community on this matter.



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