Urban transformation of rural environments. cases of the region of “la vera” (Extremadura, Spain)

  • Eva Mª Gómez Bachiller Universidad de Sevilla
Keywords: urban core, rural space, tourist recreation, Vernacular Heritage


The tourist activity, both in urban and rural environments and in any part of the world, has been causing a transformation from city centers to surrounding areas and villages. Many of these previously agricultural exploitation areas have become today tourist and recreational areas.

The current farming systems are far from the traditional ones. In addition, the livestock and agricultural farms that were previously used as a means of family support have become obsolete. Furthermore, these productions are carried out in a massive way and the farms and buildings previously destined to land exploitation are nowadays transformed into spaces of recreation, destined to the tourist sector.

This study presented aims to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of this system in relation to the importance of the conservation of the Vernacular Heritage and the tourist interest for this mentioned Heritage.

Spaces and attractions are analyzed, as well as the conservation state of this type of buildings and environments in the rural area of the Comarca de la Vera (Extremadura, Spain). The focus is put on the influence of tourism in these environments and the comparison between them.


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