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Keywords: Cultural tourism, Sustainable development, strategy, carrying capacity


Post pandemic tourism observes a worldwide consumer choice shift from the traditional sun and beach to adventure and nature-based tourism. While interesting for many countries such as Portugal where interior regions observe abandonment and deteriorating economic development, this new economic boost presents unforeseen risk.

Both Municipalities hold similar potential and diversity of assets, from cultural festivities to natural classified areas. However, administrative individuality contributes towards competition, jeopardising the necessary quality of tourism.

The current study analyses the evolution of tourism between 2011 and 2021 in the municipalities of Golegã and Torres Novas in terms of number and diversity of beds, support infrastructures, and tourists. Furthermore, a spatial analysis of tourism diversity evaluates the essence in each municipality.

Using diversity of touristic offer as the core offer can be a drawback if badly planned. The necessary required balanced will award quality potential to market this concept, otherwise leading to dissatisfaction and losses. A thorough analysis of the existing diversity and potential for new niche tourism, dictated the diversification of the current offer and which areas hold space for growth.

As a conclusion a joint model of adaptable integrated tourism for both municipalities is presented as a strategic solution for tourism and sustainable development for the region


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